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We are brochure and report design experts and take care of the whole process from concept to design and production.

Women in Infrastructure report IM

Woman in Infrastructure Report

We really enjoyed designing this report for Infrastructure Matters which was launched at the UK House of Lords.

‘Glad to hear you enjoyed working on this one, we really enjoyed working with you on it! Absolutely thrilled with how it turned out – thank you so much again!’

Sarah Alexander

Development Brochure

Development Brochures

Our in-depth expertise in this field uniquely defines good design to promote the construction industry. This housing development brochure included everything from logo creation to floorplan, map and site plan illustration. Extending the brand development to create supporting promotional material from sale centre displays and hoardings.

Smith Institute

The studio was buzzing when we enthusiastically received the official confirmation that Smith Institute were commissioning us to design and produce their ‘Insight’ brochure! Studying the Smith Institute website, we soon became captivated in what these guys were about ‘Improving the world using mathematics’! Creating a brochure for SI has been inspiring, stimulating and challenging that Maths part of the complex brain that has been hibernating since our school days.

Smith Institute Insight Brochure design by Create22
GB Robotics Brochure


Robot Programming, Simulation & Automation

How exciting, designing a brochure for a robotics company to instantly communicate their excellent skilled services. This specialist team, boasting high-profile clients like Porsche and Ford were undoubtedly a delight to work for.


Vogue Homes

A creative ‘teaser’ for the development industry showcasing our wealth of unique experience designing innovative, bespoke and informative brochures. Our abundance of expertise in this field defines the essence of good design to promote the construction industry. The housing development project included logo creation and brand application to this stylish square, sixteen page brochure.

New development brochure concept designed by Create22

Thank you very much for your consistent hard work, and positivity throughout the process, it has certainly been an enjoyable one.

Judy Reynolds

Corporate brochures

Your brochure is your essential calling card and a good investment to grow your brand, whether your requirements are for print or digital versions or both we can make your brand come alive to communicate your business objectives.