We provide exhibition design, construction and large format printing solutions. Our construction and technical team work together to ensure your valuable space stands out from the crowd in any exhibition hall or event.

Roller Banners

We have worked with leading consultancy agencies, architects and developers designing exhibitions for public consultations across the nation.

The humble roller banner is a great way to exhibit, easily transported in their useful carry cases, an exhibition can be assembled in no time.

Whether used as a backdrop for a small event pitch or a group of banners displayed in a row to tell your story, this is the most versatile solution to showcase your display.


Create22 Roller Banners

Satellite Applications Catapult

This was a commission for an exhibition in Farnborough, we just love the circular construction that carried our designs, a perfect and fun way to encapsulate the clients brand.

Leighton Park School :: WW1 Memorial

Leighton Park commissioned Clear22 to create a memorial in remembrance of the 28 Old Leightonians who lost their lives in WW1. It was an honour to be involved in this project and opening each image of the fallen and placing them on the the carefully selected poppy backdrop was a reflective, emotional moment.

Leighton Park School War Memorial display

The team is one of the most creative and most professional in the industry. They have a sensitive approach to their clients and based in their expertise, wealth of experience and knowledge help their client to realise their potential and produce professional looking material. The attention to detail and their genuine interest in what they do for their clients is totally unique. That's why we only use Create22!

Henry Lamprecht

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