We design distinct and inspiring creations for Schools and Colleges. Our approach is to develop professional, sympathetic material reflecting the unique ethos of each foundation. Generating a strong and effective identity to be proud of.

Leighton Park Prospectus 2024

Leighton Park Prospectus 2024 Create22

Following their exciting, modern brand, we captured the spirit and values of Leighton Park School. Create22 delivered an excellent quality copper foiled brochure that proudly shouts ‘We are Leighton Park!

Celebrating our 14th year working with Leighton Park School, Create22 were successfully commissioned to design the Schools’ Sixth Form 2024 Prospectus. 

Leighton Park Sixth Form Prospectus

The Park Magazine & Old Leightonians

Leighton Park and Old Leightonians Magazines Create22

Designed and produced three times a year, The Park magazine is a showcase for the Schools’ news, adventures and achievements. An effective way of promoting the LP Values and Character.

The Old Leightonians News magazine is published once a year, covering news from the OL and Friends Community as well as from Leighton Park School.

Leighton Park Activity book

Lots of fun was enjoyed designing Activity Books for students attending Outreach Events at Leighton Park School. 

On viewing the schools application graphic patterns, we thought these would make brilliant colouring pages a long with Leighton Park themed activities, based on traditional puzzles.

Leighton Park Activity Book by Create22

School Prospectus

Goals: encapsulating the Schools principles of Simplicity, Truth, Respect, Integrity, Peace, Equality and Sustainability. Result: a stripe motif to convey their message throughout the school branding. 

The Values and Character of the School emanate from their Prospectus through testimonials, carefully selected images and graphics.

Leighton Park School Prospectus
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School Magazine

A carefully designed magazine, reflecting the schools identity, gives a communicative platform to both students and teachers. 

School Information Packs

Along with various items of collateral, including school planners, bus route cards, roller banner and exhibitions, the School commissioned us to design a selection of booklets. Brief: to harmonise with their prospectus to communicate their message and inform potential students.


Prospectus for Schools

The team never fail to deliver a service which exceeds our expectations whether we are after a 10 foot fence panel or a new prospectus. They are a delight to work with; professional, inspired and a lot of fun! The creative process is a positive and collaborative experience, ensuring that we achieve our aims whilst taking design practicalities into account. They are always such a huge help and really care about the output, they feel like an integral part of our organisation.

Emma Randall

Helping schools reach their audience and achieve their goals.

With our experience of providing high-quality educational material for schools both large and small. We have provided schools with all forms of marketing collateral for over ten years. If your school is looking for a new approach, a fresh message and ‘look’ we’d love to hear from you.