Cool Stuff

We are fortunate to have a really diverse skillset, giving us the opportunity to do all sorts of fascinating projects for our clients. Innovative design, create and implement new ideas, exploring materials to achieve the best products for our clients.

Award sculpture for Leighton Park School

Leighton Park School :: Aluminium Tree Sculpture

We are very proud to have completed the design and production of the award sculpture for the new Michael Malnick Centre at Leighton Park School. The brand-new and stunning centre provides outstanding educational facilities to inspire, support teaching and learning of Music and Media at the school.

The Mary Triddon Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music is awarded to a student completely dedicated to the department while supporting other musicians.

Leighton Park School :: Bus Route Z-Card

When asked to design a Z-Card style School Bus Route, we immediately brushed up our map reading skills and created a ‘easy-to-use’ guide. With the colourful map along with the 11 key bus routes to draw up, our colour palette resembled a rainbow. The end result is a beautifully crafted, easy-to-use, pocket-friendly guide.

Leighton Park School Bus Route Map
Bespoke invitations

Bespoke Event Stationery

The cool thing about designing bespoke stationary for events and weddings is our clients also have some wonderful creative ideas but they just don’t know how to make them reality. We have designed Elvis, gothic, vintage, seaside, minimalist, bling (the list is endless) themed stationary to classic sophisticated and subtle styles. Whatever your ideas we can make these come to life with beautiful, high quality cards and accessories.

The team never fail to deliver a service which exceeds our expectations whether we are after a 10 foot fence panel or a new prospectus. They are a delight to work with; professional, inspired and a lot of fun! The creative process is a positive and collaborative experience, ensuring that we achieve our aims whilst taking design practicalities into account. They are always such a huge help and really care about the output, they feel like an integral part of our organisation

Emma Randall

There’s a design and production solution for every creative journey, lets get started on your project, whether it’s a van warp, funky business card or a roadside billboard, get in touch!